Q: Hey, i read once you are member of EXILE Mobile right? I tried it myself but i don't really know what to do. My Mail app always open and i have to send them a mail but what do i have to write in this mail? My Credit Card number? Would be really nice if you may can help me and sorry if you already answered to such a question i can't fin it ;;

— Anonymous


I made a tutorial for it~

I used EXILE TRIBE mobile but it’s pretty much the same thing~

NEW EXILE names changes!



MATSU » 松本利夫 (Matsumoto Toshio)
KENCHI » 橘ケンチ (Tachibana Kenchi)
KEIJI » 黒木啓司 (Kuroki Keiji)
NAOKI » 小林直己 (Kobayashi Naoki)
Yamamoto Sekai » EXILE 世界 (EXILE Sekai)

EXILE Sekai….

Sekai: Konnichiwa Exile no EXILE Sekai desu




For anon who wanted me to contact her on Facebook

There are more than one profile with your name. Please contact me with Facebook ID or here on Tumblr with a username. Thanks <3

I weep for Craving In My Soul PV

 It’s just a footage PV but still. The feels~

Craving In My Soul
Artist: EXILE
908 plays


EXILE - Craving In My Soul


LDH PVs List updated! →

I recently updated the list so check it out!

For those unfamiliar with the list. It has all LDH PVs that are uploaded on JpopsukiTV for easy watching and linking (since some of the ones uploaded on YouTube are short versions) So it doesn’t have EVERY SINGLE PV but feel free to request any LDH PV not listed and I’ll upload if I have it~ Also, if you saw a PV on JPSTV that I haven’t listed please let me know and I’ll add it~

New listed PVs are EXILE’s NEW HORIZON, EXILE SHOKICHI’s BACK TO THE FUTURE, DEEP’s Just The Way You Are, BREATHE’s Tomorrows, Shionoya Sayaka’s Like a flower, Happiness’ JUICY LOVE, Flower’s Nettaigyo no Namida, E-girls’ E.G. Anthem -WE ARE VENUS- and DJ MAKIDAI’s Organ Donor ~OFF DA HOOK~

E-girls - Odoru Ponpokorin ~

Q: have anyone ever uploaded the 3jsb documentary or backstage of their blue impact? i saw loads of gif and i wondered where can i watch it :/ thanks in advance~

— Anonymous

I don’t think anyone uploaded it so whoever gifed them must have used their own copy~