Track List:
Hot Shot (Eng)
Animal (Eng)
Talk (in Eng)
Love You More (Eng)
Brave it Out

They missed out some lyrics but yeah this is it!

If you can’t understand what they are saying in English during the Talk Time (though imo its super clear), I will be writing it under the cut. 

(oh, my voice can be heard at some part.. I’m sorry)
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Please anticipate HIRO’s solo dance in Seek A Light MV~

Please anticipate HIRO’s solo dance in Seek A Light MV~

Flower Garden (radio rip)
Artist: Flower
Album: 秋風のアンサー
464 plays

Flower - Flower Garden (radio rip)


Today Shokichi was the headliner of Musicru TV’s Music Burger festival at Roppongi EX Theatre (Doberman Infinity were also in the setlist) and I had the chance to go and see the concert ♥

It was a multi-artist event (Ohara Sakurako, Rihwa, Doberman Infinity, C&K and Shokichi played at the event) so it was nice to have the chance to also see artists I wouldn’t have otherwise, I enjoyed them all a lot! MCs were Hyadain and Kishidan’s Show who are two people I respect immensely, too (plus two young models whose names I don’t recall).

The venue was so small, about 1000 people standing. I was three metres away from the stage. I could see him from REALLY CLOSE and god he is taller and even more gorgeous than I thought from close by T_T

Setlist was as follows:

  1. Signal Fire
  2. Back to the Future
  3. (MC)
  4. The One
  5. Loveholic (feat. Doberman Infinity)
  6. The Anthem (feat. Doberman Infinity)
  7. Here We Go

I wish he would have sung another song in addition to The One that showcased his vocals better, like Enrai or Hello, but this setlist made us all dance and jump like crazy. Lots of fun! And he can totally hold the stage on his own, I’m so proud. 

He had backdancers for the first two songs. In Signal Fire he came on stage wearing a huge hoodie and sunglasses. I think it was his way of being considerate to us because he must know what his eyes do to people so he let us warm up XD he took off the parka and the sunglasses for BtttF. He had a black baseball cap worn backwards with a bandana over it, a black sort of vest over a white tanktop (bare armsssss) and black loose pants. 

BttF did not have the rap part and he danced all the choreography too! His singing was amazing but once he put the mic on the floor for the dance interlude and took it back up, it started making weird clicking noises and the volume was a bit stupid, coming and going. Yet he just went on and sang so powerfully to cover for it until a staff member came and gave him another mic mid performance, and all the while he kept on performing without showing a trace of uncertainty (although he would tell us later he got really scared there XD)

In the MC he was SO POLITE. I know LDH artists all are very polite with their words and greetings but he just gave off the idea of a genuinely good boy. For example, he asked if it was possible to have a towel to wipe off his sweat, and when a staff member brought it he bowed and apologised to him for the inconvenience T_T and he asked us for permission to drink water, and thanked us everytime we said or did something for him ;___; he’s a really sweet human. He mentioned that usually it’s a lot of members so someone diverts the attention from him when he drinks etc, but now he was alone so he was still not used to being the only person on stage although he is really happy that he has the chance to do solo activities.

Then he sang The One and his voice is amazing. The song has quite a wide range yet he was perfectly on tune all the time. He sings in a very confident, passionate way but he doesn’t seem to let the feelings conveyed by the song take over the quality of his singing. Perfect T_T He made us sing the second “I believe, I believe~” in the chorus and he thanked us each time. ♥

Loveholic is pretty cool, I don’t like usually when they force DI or Sway into an otherwise non-hiphop song (like, I hate the rap in BttF) but this was made by all of them together and it’s really cool and their voices blend in together so well (also just how hot can Kazuki be, someone stop him). Nice to see how bffs they all are with Shokichi too, especially Sway. In the middle of the song there is an instrumental bit, DI moved to the sides of the stage and Shokichi danced centre, with six backdancers.

When they sang The Anthem I was half-hoping Elly would appear but they just cut off his part, which was a bit awkward but the performance was great anyway ♥ And during this song he looked at my general direction (not at me directly of course) when he was on my side of the stage and seeing his eyes made me basically catch on fire. The famed mejikara…

DI left and he closed off with Here We Go which I had high hopes about since I heard the preview - and it didn’t disappoint. It is that kind of fast club song with a hard beat that just made the entire audience dance and go wild. Shokichi has a dance solo in this song, too, in which he goes down to the floor which was quite intense to witness XD; and in the end he takes off his vest and rips off his tanktop and we all lost it, including his (many!) fanboys. Jesus, that BODY. It makes me so mad when other members’ fans call him “garigari” (scrawny), he might not be as big but he has an incredible body, all lean muscle, just perfect… 

The setlist ended but after a while he came back on stage (with a T-shirt on :| ) for a talk corner with the MCs. Show-san said that once Shokichi went to a Kishidan live and went to their dressing room to greet them, and all the Kishidan members were like “AHHH SO TALL SO COOL” XD 

Hyadain-san praised him a lot and one of the things he said was that Shokichi has incredibly long eyelashes and how did he get them, and Shokichi replied it’s thanks to being from Tomakomai where he absorbed lots of negative ions. XD Then Hyadain-san went on noting how his solo style is closer to hip hop than to the usual Exile genre, and Shokichi said that his aim is to make hip hop more popular and accessible, not just an underground genre, through his solo career. He spoke very passionately about it and then also thanked Hyadain-san and Show-san for their words, as he admires both of them a lot. ;___; He had this adorable smile on his face T_T how can someone be both ridiculously cute and drop-dead cool at the same time? In the end he was dripping sweat like a waterfall so they allowed him to go take a shower. XD

God this was long, I don’t know if anyone will read it, but the conclusion  is that if Shokichi was already my favourite by large, he now is by about 10 light years T___T. It was an incredible chance to see him in such a small venue, and I want to support him until he’s too popular for them and needs to hold tours in halls like Atsushi-san ;___;

Thank you for the awesome report. I really enjoyed reading it~

SHOKICHI does look awesome to be friends with and he seems to be nice to people around him. He’s like this cute little puppy you want to protect (does it make sense? T.T)


Darling previews
Artist: Dream
Album: Darling
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Previews of Dream’s new single [Darling] tracks:

01. Darling
02. Unbelievable
03. Egao no Hana
04. Wanna Wanna Go

Release date: 05.11.2014

Q: Even though Chiharu leaving Flower, is it possible if she comeback under LDH? Sorry for confusing questions

— Anonymous

I don’t know but I doubt it.
Looking back at former LDH artists who left the agency, they either disappear from the scene (LOVE’s Misaki), pursue a different career path (LOVE’s Stephanie and Happiness’ Mayu) or do their own thing (THE ROOTLESS and DOBERMAN INC’s Tomogen.)
I do believe that Chiharu still have interest and a desire to continue as a vocalist, so who knows? We might see her going solo one day (maybe after completing whatever she plans to study abroad). It just won’t be under LDH… probably~

Q: Is muto chiharu leaving flower??? answer please :(

— Anonymous

Yes T___T

Seek A Light
Artist: Happiness
Album: Seek A Light
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Happiness - Seek A Light (preview)