Why I love あったく No.01 so much

Seriously… This is the best part ever, the whole play is so perfect I couldn’t even hold my feelings when I was watching

we have some LDH Yaoi here

Q: I think this has already been asked but anyways.. can you recommend me the best method/online site for ordering stuffs (CDs, DVDs, tour goods, etc)? The first order I made was in YesAsia and I was satisfied with what I got, although many people prefer HMV or CDJ more and I really do not know why. @___@ For LDH fans, some have recommended ordering in the groups' mobile sites (e.g. E-girls Mobile) and use Tenso as the middleman since you can get more bonuses by doing so. Tasukete kudasai~

— Anonymous

lol jk

If you were satisfied with ordering from YesAsia then good for you~ The experience will differ from one person to the other and the countries too. I never used them before. I always used CDJapan. I love how they take care of the packaging and ship quickly. Never had a problem with them. One time a shipment got delayed but it was the post office’s fault, not theirs. I think HMV fold posters instead of rolling them so be careful of that if you ever order from them.

Also please note that all those online shops copies don’t count on Oricon since they’re being sent to an international address outside Japan.

As for LDH mobile services, you still need Tenso’s address (or any other forwarding company) to receive the shipments for you since mobile shop doesn’t send internationally.

Hope this helps :D


For the coming BREATHE spam in the next week or so~


Happy birthday to BREATHE’s Tada Kazuya (22/07) and Miyata Satoshi (28/07)

Q: I'm just reading Exile is going to release another single?? Do you have any info about it ^^

— Anonymous

Not EXILE, but EXILE TRIBE. It’s called THE REVOLUTION. They recently performed the song on Music Station.

Q: Hi! I was wondering if you had any advice about exile mobile, I've been literally trying to subscribe for a while now but unable to. I followed the helpful tutorial you provided (thank you!) but whenever I send an email I get no reply, I thought it was something to do with my ios devices so I tried on an android but to no avail, I tried with different emails too but still nothing.. And here's me thinking 'why are they preventing me from seeing the LDH glory!' So I wonder if I missed something?

— Anonymous


Try this link on mobile. See if you can register~

Sometimes the system is just stupid so try to register at different times?

Hope you get to give your yens to LDH XD

Q: Hello again! I was the one that asked about the DVD's. Thank you dear for your clear explanation. I usually order my stuff from CDJ and found the process very easy, so for now i'll stick to that I think i'll be joining exile mobile in the future so i can get those cool bonuses.

— Anonymous

You’re welcome :D Glad it was clear~

Please note that it’s been found recently that all intl. orders from CDJ (or any other online shop that ships internationally) don’t count in Oricon charts :(

Some people care about that. Others don’t, so I just wanted you to be informed of that X3

BTW, I wrote a tutorial about joining EXILE mobile (or any other LDH mobile services). You can find the link in one of my recent asks, if you need help for that~

Enjoy your stuff ^O^